Prior to episode 4.11, we relied on the (mostly reliable) music lists from 1993’s Northern Exposure Book (for those who are curious, the 1995 edition is missing the music list, as we learned from experience). However, we discovered that since the book was published prior to the show’s end, there will be large gaps in the music. So we’ve decided to compile an incomplete list of songs for the later episodes. Invariably, the list will be incomplete because often songs will be hard to hear or make out (classical music is particularly challenging for us), so we welcome any information you may have.

Oh yes, our list will be based on the original airing, not the official DVD version. We like it authentic that way.

[Note: our intro theme for our podcast is “Sneaker Chase” by Podington Bear. He’s one talented bear!]

4.11 “Survival of the Species”

  • Ronnie Milsap, All is Fair in Love and War
    [replaced in DVD version]
    Brad asks for a light from Joel, and Brad meets Holling.
  • Mark Chesnutt, Postpone the Pain
    [replaced in DVD version]
    Brad is cleaning and Shelly asks him to clean the grease traps.
  • Carl Smith, Guilty Conscience
    [replaced in DVD version]
    Ed tries to get rid of everything that destroys the environment at Ruth Anne’s store.
  • Loreena McKennitt – “Tango to Evora
    [replaced in DVD version]
    Final reburial scene.

4.12 “Revelations”

  • Glenn Miller,Moonlight Serenade
    Maurice asks Bernard for advice about Ruth-Anne paying off the store.
  • Judy Collins,Bird on a Wire
    [replaced in DVD version]
    Joel and Bernard talk about the rush of the ER and tax day. 
  • Bellamy Brothers,Cowboy Beat
    [replaced in DVD version]
    Ed and Shelly talk about the fight between Maurice and Ruth-Anne.
  • Bob Dylan,Just Like a Woman
    [note: the original airing had a David Schwartz (?) piano instrumental version of this song, which was replaced on the DVD version]
    Final scene of Chris on the radio, talking about his vacation and playing tribute to women.

4.13 “Duets

(*Thanks to Chris Valley for the music identification, **Thanks to the talkclassical.com forum for the identification.)

4.14 Grosse Point 48230

4.15 Learning Curve

  • Percy Faith – “Theme from A Summer Place”
    Joel visits Marilyn before her big trip (first song)
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • Percy Faith – “Where is Your Heart (Song from Moulin Rouge)
    Joel visits Marilyn before her big trip (first song)
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • Vernon Dalhart  – “Prisoner’s Song
    Maggie talks to Jane about women in combat at Ruth-Anne’s store.
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • Georgia Wettlin-Larsen  – “Ojibway Square Dance
    Marilyn in Seattle montage.
  • The Coasters – Searchin’
    Joel looks for Marilyn in Seattle.
  • David Schwartz – “Woody the Indian”
    The final scene as Joel and Marilyn leave the zoo.
  • David Schwartz (?) – “The Ladder” (Thanks to Chris Valley for this one!)
    Opening scene.

4.16 Ill Wind

  • Carlene Carter – The Sweetest Thing
    Opening scene. Maggie and Joel argue and she punches him in the face.
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • BeauSoleil – “It’s You I Love”
    Ed discusses poisons with Dave; Maggie and Joel argue over her evicting him.  
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • Alison Krauss –That Makes One of Us
    Joel and Maggie announce to everyone in the Brick that they had sex.
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • Vinx –There I Go Again
    Final scene. Maggie and Joel walk in the streets of Cicely.
    [replaced in DVD version]

4.17 Love’s Labour Mislaid

  • Carl Smith – Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
    Joel tells Ruth-Anne that he can’t believe Maggie can’t remember having sex with him.
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • The Mills Brothers – You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You
    Chris and Shelly learn that Ed is getting married.
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • Vangelis –One More Kiss, Dear” [from the Blade Runner soundtrack]
    Maggie drinks in the Brick. Shelly tells her ‘the bod has a mind of its own.’
    [replaced in DVD version]

4.18 Northern Lights

  • Highway 101 – Baby, I’m Missing You
    At The Brick, Shelly is frazzled, and Ruth-Anne is searching for the perfect red.
  • Patty Loveless – Nobody Loves You Like I Do“*
    At The Brick, Shelly talks to Dave, as Joel denies a patient treatment.
    [*Thanks to Chris Valley for the identification.]
  • Buckwheat Zydeco – Buck’s Nouvelle Jole Blon
    At The Brick, Joel asks Shelly and Ruth-Anne why they have turned on him.
  • Enya – Ebudae
    Final scene where Chris unveils his new art piece.

4.19 Family Feud

  • Ricky Lynn Gregg, Three Nickels and a Dime
    [replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Joel sees Mike and Maggie.
  • Frederic Chopin, Prelude Opus 28, No. 15
    Maggie and Mike pot plants.
  • Mark Chesnutt, Old Country
    [replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Shelly asks Holling to marry her.

4.20 Homesick

  • Tim O’Brien, Walk the Way the Wind Blows”
    [from the album Traditional Ties, replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Ruth-Anne solicits a donation from Joel.
  • Billie Holiday, Let’s Dream in the Moonlight
    [also featured prominently in 3.2 “Only You”]
    Maurice encounters his little brother Mal in his childhood home.
  • Chieftans, Coolin Medley
    [also featured prominently in 3.19 “Wake Up Call”]
    Final scene where Mike leaves Cicely.

4.21 The Big Feast

  • Tracy Lawrence, Runnin’ Behind” (Thanks to Chris Valley for the ID!)
    [replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Holling, Shelly, Ed and Joel talk about the invites.
  • Ferlin Husky, My Reason for Living
    At The Brick, Shelly asks Joel about wine.
  • Vernon Dalhart, Prisoner’s Song
    Joel confronts Maggie at her cabin.

4.22 Kaddish for Uncle Manny

  • Kitty Wells, “A Woman Half My Age”
    [replaced in DVD version]
  • John Delafose and the Eunice Playboys* – “Cajun Two-Step”
    Plays at the cajun two-step competition, before Marilyn and Robert dance.
  • Clifton Chenier* –Josephine Par Se Ma Femme
    Plays while Marilyn and Robert dance.

(*Thanks to Chris Valley for the music identification.)

4.23 Mud and Blood

  • Bob Wills – “If No News is Good News
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Shelly delivers a garlicky plate to Chris.
  • The Mills Brothers – Glow Worm
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Maggie gives Walt advice about real estate.

4.25 Sleeping with the Enemy

  • Hoagy Carmichael – Stardust Memories” (the episode features a different version of the song)
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Maurice has tea and soju with his son and daughter-in-law.
  • Brenda Lee – Emotions
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Holling talks to Chris about his situation with Shelly.
  • Kitty Wells – My Cold, Cold Heart is Melted Now
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Maurice drinks while Dave is closing up.
  • B.B. King – Go On” (the episode features a different version of the song)
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Joel tells Shelly about watering the fern.
  • Sally Van Meter  – Blues for Your Own
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    At The Brick, Ron and Eric is ashamed of Maurice’s actions.

4.25 Old Tree

  • Daniel Lanois – Jolie Louise
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    In the Brick, during the celebration of Old Vicki’s life.
  • The Byrds – Turn, Turn, Turn
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    The very final scene, when Maurice and Chris drive off.

5.1 Three Doctors

  • Bille Holiday – I Wished on the Moon
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Chris counsels Ed about waking up in a place and not knowing how you got there.
  • Carlene Carter – Heart is Right
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Ruth-Anne, Joel, and Holling talk about Joel’s familiar symptoms.
  • A. Paul Ortega and Joanne Shenandoah – Sweetheart
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Final scene where Ed walks along the river.

5.2 The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop

  • Booker T. & the M.G.’s – Terrible Thing
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Maggie discovers the Anubis statue in an antique store.
  • Jo Stafford – Ridin’ on the Gravy Train
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Maurice’s dinner party.
  • Booker T. & the M.G.’s – Mo’ Onions
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Maggie goes investigating in the dark.
  • Linsey Buckingham – D.W. Suite
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    The final scene where Maurice dives off a waterfall.

5.3 Jaws of Life

  • Urge Overkill – Tequila Sundae
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Chris talks to Carla about riding his bike.
  • Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Quando Corpus Morietur” from “Stabat Mater”
    Ruth Anne, Holling, and Shelly arrive at Maurice’s for dinner.
  • George Gershwin (sung by Fred Astaire) – They Can’t Take that Away From Me
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Final scene as the Maurice wax statue gets destroyed.

5.4 Altered Egos

  • Laurie Lewis – Old Friend
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Joel asks Maggie if she notices anything different about him.
  • Edith Piaf  – Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Final scene when Marilyn sits beside Ted.

5.5 A River Doesn’t Run Through It

  • Joan Jett – Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
    The youth decorate Cicely with marmots stuff.
  • Beach Boys – Surfer Girl
    [Replaced in DVD version]
    Amy talks to Ruth-Anne about her marriage at the store.

5.6 Birds of a Feather

5.7 Rosebud

  • Tab Benoit – Nice and Warm
    Chris announces the Fire Department is looking for new recruits.
  • Mel Torme – One Morning in May” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Shelly tells Leonard about the hook man.
  • Sass Jordan – Time Flies” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Leonard speaks to Chris, who’s playing pool.
  • Wally Badarou – The Dachstein Angels” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Final scenes.

5.8 Heal Thyself

  • Vern Cheechoo – Lonesome and Hurting” [Replaced in DVD version]
  • Maurice and Ed talk about the movie The Champ. 
  • Belly – Dusted” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Chris announces the Fire Department is looking for new recruits.

5.9 A Cup of Joe

  • Les Paul and Mary Ford – Smoke Rings” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Holling and Ruth-Anne talk bird at her store.
  • Pata Negra – Bodas de Sangre” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Maurice and Ed talk about the movie The Champ. 

5.10 First Snow

  • Beau Soleil – It’s You I Love” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Holling and Ed talk about Nedra needing a grave.
  • Wylie and the Wild West – Black Boots and Blue Jeans” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Holling and Ruth Anne discuss who might die.
  • Earl Klugh – Spanish Night” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Final scene of first snowfall.

5.11 Baby Blues

  • Floyd Tillman – Each Night At Nine” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Ed and Ruth Anne talk about getting an agent.
  • Johnny Nash – Stir It Up” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Joel, Chris and Maggie discuss motherhood.
  • Paul Westerberg – Dice Behind Your Shades” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Ed and Judd talk about each others’ lives.
  • Lucinda Williams – Crescent City” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Ed and Dave talk about the script.
  • The Pretenders – Hymn to Her
    Final scene.

5.12 Mr. Sandman

  • “Luck be a Lady Tonight”  – Artist unknown. [Replaced in DVD version]
    At the Brick Holling is nauseated at the sight of food.
  • “I’m in the Mood for Love” – Artist unknown.  [Replaced in DVD version]
    Dream at a 1960’s cocktail party.
  • Sylvester Weaver – Guitar Rag” [Replaced in DVD version]
    At the Brick Holling is nauseated at the sight of food.
  • J. S. Bach  – Partita No. 1 in B flat major
    Maurice delivers a peace offering to Ron and Eric.
  • Lindsey Buckingham – This Nearly Was Mine” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Chris talks about the quotes Jung and Garcia Marquez.
  • Joanne Shenadoah and A. Paul Ortega – I May Want a Man
    Final scene.

5.13 Mite Makes Right

  • Basin Brothers – “Un Marriage Casse” [Replaced in DVD version}
    Maggie and Chris talk dust mites.

5.14 A Bolt from the Blue

5.15 Hello, I Love You

  • John Michael Montgomery – “Kickin’ it Up” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Joel and Holling get ready for travel, while Shelly leaves for the laundromat.

5.16 Northern Hospitality

  • Fred Blassie – “Pencil Neck Geek
    Chris reminisces about playing this song after getting out of prison. 
  • The Cowsills – “The Rain, the Park and Other Things” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Chris and Ed sift through the records at KBHR to remove the gloomy ones. 
  • The Cyrkle – “Red Rubber Ball” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Joel makes dinner; Professor Mink arrives. 
  • The Four Preps – “26 Miles
    Chris talks about clouds having silver linings and making lemonade. 
  • Daniel Lanois – “O Marie” [Replaced in DVD version]
    Holling rides his snowmobile to the Canadian border. 
  • “This Land is Your Land” [originally by Woody Gutherie]
    Holling serenades Shelly at Winterfest with Canadian-ized lyrics. 
  • Jimi Hendrix – “Hey Joe
    Chris plays a song for Edward; Marilyn listens on her walkman. 

5.17 Una Volta in L’Inverno

  • King Porter Stomp”  – Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich
    Holling visits Walt.
  • Heart on a Sleeve” – Tom Russell.  [Replaced in DVD version]
    Dream at a 1960’s cocktail party. 
  • O Mio Babbino Caro” – Kiri Te Kanawa.  [Replaced in DVD version]
    Dream at a 1960’s cocktail party.

5.18 Fish Story

  • Trouble No More” – Allman Brothers [replaced in DVD version]
    The Diablos meet Ruth-Anne.

5.19 The Gift of the Maggie

  • Caminando Por La Calle” – The Gypsy Kings [replaced in DVD version]
    Joel and Pete have dinner at Maggie’s place.

5.20 A Wing and A Prayer

  • Hot House” – Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker [replaced in DVD version]
    Chris reads a poem and talks about the coming of spring on the radio.
  • Hip Hug Her” – Booker T and the MGs[replaced in DVD version]
    Joel visits Maggie in the garage.
  • Emotions” – Brenda Lee [replaced in DVD version]
    Donnie comes to replace Ed at Ruth-Anne’s store.
  • Where the Blue of the Night” – Bing Crosby[replaced in DVD version]
    Shelly confesses to Father McKerry.
  • Coolin Medley” – The Chieftans [replaced in DVD version]
    Final baptism scene.

5.21 I Feel the Earth Move

  • Get Me to The Church on Time” – Lawrence Welk [replaced in DVD version]
    Chris talks to Maurice about Ron and Eric’s wedding.
  • The Hawaiian Wedding Song” – Andy Williams [replaced in DVD version]
    Holling tries to get the catering gig for the wedding.
  • White Wedding” – Billy Idol [replaced in DVD version]
    Maggie, Joel and Eugene talk about earthquakes.
  • Endless Love” – Diana Ross and Lionel Richie [replaced in DVD version]
    Eugene and Holling prepare food for the wedding.
  • You Never Can Tell” – Chuck Berry [replaced in DVD version]
    People dance at the wedding reception.
  • I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll” – Nick Lowe [replaced in DVD version]
    People dance at the wedding.

5.22 Grand Prix

5.23 Blood Ties

  • Lonely Road” – Bobby Darin [replaced in DVD version]
    Ed visits Mr. Pinetree. 
  • When the Boy in Your Arms” – Connie Francis [replaced in DVD version]
    Joel talks to Eugene about leaving Cecily.
  • Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams” – Les Paul and Mary Ford [replaced in DVD version]
    Ed and Reynaldo go fishing.

5.24 Lovers and Madmen

  • Someone Loves You” – Simon Bonney [replaced in DVD version]
    Chris and Meredith have lunch at The Brick.

6.1 Dinner at Seven Thirty

6.2 Eye of the Beholder

6.4 The Letter

  • Dancing Queen” – ABBA [replaced in DVD version]
    Young Maggie writes a letter to herself.
  • Take a Chance on Me” – ABBA [replaced in DVD version]
    Maggie encounters young Maggie.
  • Pipeline” – The Chantays [replaced in DVD version]
    Joel rides the Harley.
  • Darn that Dream” – Dinah Washington [replaced in DVD version]
    Angelo traps Chris.
  • The Tide is High” – Blondie [replaced in DVD version]
    Maggie writes a letter to her future self.

6.5 The Robe

6.7 Full Upright Position

  • Joey” – Concrete Blonde [replaced in the DVD version]
    Maurice confronts little Maurice about his error at the Brick.
  • Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group [replaced in the DVD version]
    Final scene where Chris works the bathtub machine.

6.8 Up River

  • A Summer Place” – Percy Faith Orchestra [replaced in the DVD version]
    Ruth-Anne daydreams as Maurice is in the store.
  • Falling in Love Again – Marlene Dietrich [replaced in the DVD version]
    Final scene where Walt appears.

6.9 Sons of the Tundra

  • Going up the Country” – Canned Heat [replaced in the DVD version]
    Michelle and Phil drive towards town.
  • A Thousand Miles From Nowhere – Dwight Yoakam [replaced in the DVD version]
    Holling gets the bad news.
  • Ain’t That Love – Ray Charles [replaced in the DVD version]
    Final scene, when Shelly and Holling go on a drive.

6.10 Realpolitik

  • I’ll be Around” – Tony Bennett replaced in the DVD version]
    Final scene when Marilyn lets Chuck in.

6.11 The Great Mushroom

  • Gimme Three Steps” – Lynyrd Skynyrd [replaced in the DVD version]
    Phil finds Ed’s computer.
  • Caminando por la Calle” – Gypsy Kings [replaced in the DVD version]
    Final scene with birthday cake, and puzzle-making.

6.12 Mi Casa, Su Casa

Songs from the episode’s original airing:

  • Baby, It’s a Crime” – The Black Sorrows [replaced in the DVD version]
    At the Brick, Ed tells Shelly about the house taking him over.

6.14 The Mommy’s Curse

6.16 Lucky People

  • Family Tradition” – Hank Williams Jr. [replaced in the DVD version]
    At the Brick, Michelle talks to Ruth-Anne. 
  • Where the Tall Grass Grows” – George Jones [replaced in the DVD version]
    Phil orders a fresh mango apricot shake in the Brick. 
  • Gaelic Medley” – Rankin Family
    During the Founders’ Day Parade. 

20 thoughts on “NX Music

  1. Another thought: If the piano tune at the end of the episode is indeed a David Schwartz arrangement, it’s the first of his music to be replaced. (I think.)

    • You’re right, Chris. Normally a Schwartz tune wouldn’t be replaced but Shane tells me that even with covers you need to pay royalties. And I imagine Bob Dylan don’t come cheap! Oh and thanks for all your Chris and Bernard pages as well – you make the tunes sing once again!


  2. I found another tune from the dance contest scene in “Kaddish for Uncle Manny.” Before Marilyn and her partner start dancing, we hear a tune called (oddly enough) “Cajun Two-Step” and it is by John Delefose and the Eunice Playboys. Then we hear Clifton Chenier’s “Josephine Par Se Ma Femme” when Marilyn dances.

    • Not sure – the music replacements on DVDs are pretty much generic stock music that’s available for TV/movie use. The artists are pretty much anonymous as far as we can tell (no recordings available).

  3. wish season 6 music was included. I would like to know the original song that Hayden Keyes was caught doing his line dance to in season 6 episode 2 Eye of the Beholder

  4. Thanx so much for this. You folks did a fantastic job here!!!

    Have you put-up the Original Music List from the Northern Exposure Book? Unfortunately I have the ’95 Edition.

    Also, for all the Fans of the Original Music (I might say “All of Us”), I picked-up the somewhat new German NX Box Set. As far as i can tell, it as ALL of the Original Music. No subtitles in English but it’s worth it just for the Music.


    I’m curious – On the Songs that folks couldn’t Identify, have you folks tried Shazam to identify them? They might be a bit too obscure but it’s worth the shot.

      • After Years of watching the Show on DVD and being so Disappointed when some Amazingly Perfect and Significant Tune is replaced with awful Musak, it’s quite the experience to watch these episodes unharmed by Executive Indifference. I definitely recommend it!!!

        Is there a list of all the Songs that haven’t be Identified? I can try to identify them. I have friends that worked on the series.

        Do you have the Original Music List from the ’93 Northern Exposure Book posted somewhere?

  5. 6.15. The Quest
    The song at the end of the episode (not on R1 DVD) is Forever Night Shade Mary by the Latin Playboys.

  6. I’m curious of the song ending season 5 episode 1 on the DVD. “If you were a raindrop…” all info says Sweetheart which was the TV version apparently…

  7. I just got the DVDs for Christmas and I don’t understand why they replaced some songs. I was especially upset Tango for Evora was replaced with a very out of place classical piece with a male singer. Went contrary to the message. Do you have any insight as to why they have done that?

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