Northern Exposure Websites:

Moosechick – the ultimate NX resource site, with episode summaries, archived articles, and lots of fun stuff.

Northern Exposure Wiki – lots of information here about the show.

Moosefest – information on the annual Northern Exposure festival in Roslyn, Washington.

Chris in the Morning – a tumblr dedicated to Chris, the DJ philosopher

I Love Northern Exposure – a tumblr about the show

Give that Ol’ Dark Night of the Soul a Hug – a tumblr dedicated to Northern Exposure moments.

North to the Future – a Northern Exposure fan site in Spanish, but featuring a few interviews in English!

Chris in the Morning – a page dedicated to the musings of KHBR’s Chris Stevens

Northern Exposure Fan Flipboard – a collection of pictures, GIFs, and quotes from fan pages

Same Actors for Northern Exposure and Seinfeld – a pretty interesting Pinterest page about actors that appeared on both shows. Who knew?

KBHR.net – Streaming, music, chatroom, and NX goodies!

Glacier Dropsy – very, very COOL Northern Exposure gifs that are delightful in every way!

Northern Exposure Facebook Fan Pages:

Northern Exposure – Return to Cicely – a massive fan page

Northern Exposure Philosophy – a great fan page

Northern Exposure’s Ed Chigliak – a fan page devoted to dear Ed

KHBR’s Chris and Bernard – lots of Northern Exposure tunes spun here

KHBR’s Chris and Bernard Youtube Page – beautiful songs from beautiful Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure Trivia – easy, medium, and hard questions about NX

Chef Adam – a group dedicated to the Chef.

Club NX – An active fan page for the show, with lots of discussion.

Cast and Crew Websites:

John Corbett

Rob Morrow

Janine Turner

Barry Corbin

John Cullum

John Cullum’s Facebook Page

Darren Burrow’s Facebook Page

Elaine Mile’s Facebook Page

David Schwartz


4 thoughts on “NX Resources

  1. Just found the site and podcast through a joke of a Google search (trying to prove to someone that the Alaskan riviera was a great vacation destination). I love the site and radio show, and am always happy to find out other people love this show as much as I do.

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