Many of you Northern Exposure fans already know the work of our next interview subject, Moosechick. Since she has done so much to create a community of Cicelians, we were thrilled that she agreed to speak with us. 

Moosechick runs the authoritative Moosechick Notes  – The Northern Exposure Archives, and she is one of the organizers of Moosefest. Plus, she has a lot of Northern Exposure stuff in her archives (scripts, clothes, props).  She also has a Facebook page.

You can listen to our interview with her on the podcast here.

We asked her to fill out our questionnaire and she kindly agreed.


What episode did you see most recently?
The Pilot. The scene with Joel freaking out in the truck and then looking up to see a group of townspeople staring at him is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. It’s a “go-to” when I need a good laugh (and of course, I have to watch the whole episode).

If you could request a song for Chris to play on KBHR, what would it be?
I think he would enjoy Florence + the Machine, “Shake it Out”. That would get Cicely hopping.

If Ed asked you to select a film for his film festival, what movie would you choose?
A Monster in Paris – a cute little French animated movie about well… a fish out of water, in the form of a Monster, who just wants to be himself.

We see characters playing Clue, chess, and bridge. What is your game of choice?
Quelf or Parcheesi.

Most characters in Cicely have reinvented themselves. If you could reinvent yourself, who would you become?
A writer.

Ruth Anne wears a shirt that says “Born to Bingo.” What would your shirt say?
Hoarder of Books.

If you could start a business in Cicely, what business would you start?
Coffee Shop/Bookstore.

In your opinion, who is the most memorable guest star/non-recurring character in Northern Exposure?
First one that came to mind: Stephen Root as Brother Timothy in 4.12 Revelations.

How did you feel about the end of the series?
Uhg. It was kind of a nightmare. Characters started displaying traits that were not them (Shelley being mean, Holling being an animal). I fully support the theory the show was killed off by the writers by being too quirky (for reasons involving the lawsuit etc).

Who or what is the star of Northern Exposure?
The town of Cicely of course!

About Moosechick

Moosechick lives in Denver, Colorado with Mr. Moosechick and mini-moosechick, now six years old. Mini-moosehick made her Moosefest debut at three months, where she met Diana Delano (Sgt. Semanski). Moosechick is currently the president of the non-profit group, Friends of Roslyn, which is behind the fan gathering Moosefests. She also is on the Moosefest committee. Moosechick has met many of the main cast members, and has just three left on her bucket list: John Corbett, Rob Morrow and Janine Turner.

When she is not dreaming about living in Cicely, Moosechick spends her time as a freelance desktop publishing localization specialist (aka having fun playing around on the computer in a lot of languages she doesn’t speak). She is very active with animal rescue and well-being, raising money for local shelters including the Denver Dumb Friends League and hoping to go into fostering soon. Her home is currently filled with two awesome Labradors and two wonderful cats. She previously had a German Shepherd mix who sort of understood the command “Perimeter!” and never ate the stuffing out of the couch. Her first Lab, Flounder, would come running when she heard the Northern Exposure theme. The current pups are big on “SQUIRREL!”. She also spends many hours volunteering at mini-moosechick’s charter school.

Moosechick is a voracious reader (and perhaps hoarder of books). Her current danger zones are the used book sales at the library, the free box outside of 2nd and Charles, and the clearance shelves at Barnes & Nobel. She hopes to build her own Little Free Library soon. Perhaps it will have a moose on it.


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