There are some ideas that can’t be conveyed through podcast episodes or blog posts, particularly anything that involves actual footage from the series.

Our first video essay stems from a quotation from Martin Bruestle about the differences between end credit songs on Northern Exposure and The Sopranos. Bruestle, who was an associate producer/co-producer of Northern Exposure and a co-producer/producer on The Sopranos, helped to oversee and select the music for both shows.

We experimented with extending the final song over the end credits for the episode “What I Did For Love” (2.4), where Maggie washes dishes and dances to Sinead O’Connor’s version of “You Do Something To Me.” Basically, we transplanted the last minute of a Northern Exposure episode to HBO.

Northern Exposure: Songs and End Credits from Alaskan Riviera on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Video Essay: Songs + End Credits

  1. Shane – If you ever think about doing a part two to this, please consider the music at the end of Wake Up Call. The Chieftains song Coolin’ Medley with the ending sequence is so sweetly sublime, and the regular ending credit music coming in after is especially jarring.

    Thanks man!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Chris. We’ve got a couple of other replacement music videos in mind, but you’re right that the music at the end of “Wake Up Call” would be a good candidate.

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